Check out these awesome dodgeball organizations that are currently part of the WDBF family!



The Australian Dodgeball Federation is a non-profit organization formed formed in 2013 that represents Australia in the sport of dodgeball in international matches. The ADF continues to develop the sport across Austrailia and is currently engaging with many leagues and teams to make dodgeball more accessible to their respective regions.

The Austrailian Dodgeball Team made its debut on the international scene at the 2013 WDBF World Championships in New Zealand. Austrailian Dodgeball Federation was selected to host the 2016 WDBF Dodgeball World Championships, scheduled to take place in Melbourne.


Dodgeball Canada (DC) is a non-profit organization formed in 2012 that acts as a Canadian ambassador in the sport of dodgeball. DC takes pride in its active committee membership comprised of volunteer dodgeball enthusiasts across the provinces. DCcontinues to further develop the sport across Canada and currently engages with different leagues, schools and communities to make dodgeball more accessible to their respective regions.

Dodgeball Canada has taken an active role to promote the sport of Dodgeball across the country and seek out international opportunities for Canadian athletes.

Canada made its debut on the international scene at the 2012 WDBF World Invitational in Malaysia. Canada later made an explosive return at the 2013 WDBF World Invitational in New Zealand winning a double Gold in the Men’s and Women’s Division. Canada returned this year at the 2014 WDBF World Championships in Hong Kong where the Men’s Team successfully defended their Gold Medal status.


The Hong Kong Dodgeball Association is a non-profit organization formed to promote and develop the sport of dodgeball in Hong Kong. Currently, we have over 60 teams playing in our league , and over 1000 active members devoted to play the team sport once a week, honing the needed reflexes, agility and stamina to excel.

Dodgeball is played on every continent in this world. As of March 2012, the HKDA is officially a full member of the World Dodgeball Federation along with the dodgeball associations from different countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Austrailia, Malaysia, France, Mexico and many others.

With six years of experience for big international competitions, Hong Kong has done really well against other countries, winning 1 Gold medal, 2 Silver medals, and 2 Bronze medals for Hong Kong at the World Championships since 2012.

As a non-profit organization, the proceeds from Hong Kong Dodgeball Association have been spent on the further development of this sport by introducing the sport to schools around Hong Kong, and also to the community hosting about 30 free tryout sessions a year. HKDA also focuses our attention to charities and community outreach, donating and also fund raising for different charity organizations such as Foodlink and Harmony House.


We are Mad About Dodgeball also known as Malaysia Association of Dodgeball and is registered with Malaysian Sports Commission’s since 2009 and working its way to make dodgeball from community sport to high performance sport.

As the national body of dodgeball in Malaysia, we are determined to develop the sport from grass-root to national elite level. Growing the sport with local sport authorities such as Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia and the National Sports Institute of Malaysia.


Team USA Dodgeball is home to the Men and Women’s National Dodgeball Teams, representing the United States in the sport of dodgeball in international matches. We are a division of USA Dodgeball. 

The mission of USA Dodgeball is to promote and develop the sport of dodgeball across the United States. USA Dodgeball believes in the numerous benefits of dodgeball and it is our mission to provide the communities with a fun and safe environment which exemplifies a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. We aim to foster friendly competition at various levels of play, while encouraging both teamwork and camaraderie. USA Dodgeball strives to be an all inclusive organization which reaches players across a broad spectrum. USA Dodgeball aims to unite the nation under a governing body that gives a voice to many organizations who share our goal of developing and promoting the sport of dodgeball.

The U.S. teams have collectively earned a total of 10 team medals at The World Championships to date. The program is also one of only two countries to sweep Gold with both the Men and Women placing first on home soil in 2015.

Team USA is affiliated with many leagues and teams across the country, as part of USA Dodgeball. As a member of the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) since it’s inaugural year, we help foster competitive and fair play worldwide.



Dodgeball NZ is a non-profit organisation that is working hard to build and develop the sport of Dodgeball both locally and abroad. Dodgeball NZ was formed in 2011 by a group of Canterbury based Dodgeball players. Dodgeball NZ (DNZ) aims to be the National Sporting Organisation for Dodgeball in New Zealand. The organisation was formed by a group of Dodgeball players who were passionate about the sport and enthusiastic to see the sports profile lifted.

DNZ will develop the sport by:

  • Running a grass roots programme promoting Dodgeball in New Zealand schools.
  • Organizing regular local and nationwide tournaments.
  • Making funding available for local clubs.
  • Promoting the sport to the wider public.
  • Picking a team to play at the Dodgeball World Champs and Dodgeball World Cup.

We aim to achieve these goals by first organising many of the above named activities on a local level in our own area. Then once we have formula that is poven to work we will push the activities out to the wider New Zealand community. This is only possible through the support of our major sponsor, Action Indoor Sports. With out the resources and expertise provided by Action we could not possibly attempt to do this.

Once a wide network of clubs and associations has been formed we plan to apply to be recognised as the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for Dodgeball in New Zealand.


France Dodgeball Association

Only people who have travel the world know Dodgeball in France. That is why we have created France Dodgeball Association. Together with a bunch of friends we want to share our experience and to get people to know this amazing sports.

Our first goal is to get more partnership with universities and schools to get more gymnasiums to organise practices. As the community of player is growing fast, the next step is to set up weekly games and start a league.

From there we will select to best players to join the French team, so they can compete in international competition and learn from the best players from all around the world. In the mean time we are offering our service to do exhibition game, or practice for kids so we have a young generation ready to play and have fun. We love to bring our balls to as much school as possible so they can learn with their gym teacher.

Federación Mexicana de Dodgeball

The main mission of the Mexican Dodgeball Federation is to raise awareness for the sport of dodgeball in Mexico. To date, we have organized tournaments in Mexico City and Tijuana, with the goal to expand to other Mexican states through partnerships with local sports clubs and organizations. This year, the Mexican Dodgeball Federation is honored to have been invited to the World Dodgeball Championship in Las Vegas, NV and to send its first national dodgeball team to compete against the best in the world.