While the 2017 edition of the World Championships has come to its conclusion, the work of the WDBF continues on. At the Executive Summit in Markham, Canada, the Federation elected a new Board charged with leading the way in member relations, program development and certifications in 2018 and beyond.

We are pleased to introduce the Board of Directors of the World Dodgeball Federation:

President – Duane Wysynski (Canada)
Deputy President – Brian Li (Hong Kong)
Secretary General – Yeo Wai Tat (Malaysia)
Treasurer – Armando Valdes (Mexico)
Executive Committee – Nicole Chasin (United States)

At the Summit, the Board of Directors also held its annual membership review. There are two general categories of membership: voting members, and non-voting members. Voting members are those with established federations and programming within their country (e.g. leagues, school programs), and who have attended – through team or delegation – a major WBDF event.

Non-voting members are those currently in the process of establishing national federations with associated programming, but have not yet attended a major event. These members cannot vote but receive support of the WDBF through assistance in program development and certification, on their way to full voting member status.


Australian Dodgeball Federation
Dodgeball Canada
Dodgeball New Zealand
Federación Mexicana de Dodgeball
Hong Kong Dodgeball Association
Malaysia Association of Dodgeball (Dodgeball Malaysia)
United States Dodgeball Organization

Approved as voting members at the 2017 Summit:

Dodgeball Buenos Aires Argentina
Dodgeball Italy

Approved as non-voting members at the 2017 Summit:

Asociación Dodgeball Costa Rica
Beafrica Dodgeball (Central African Republic)
Brunei Dodgeball Association
Cameroon Dodgeball Association
China Dodgeball Association
Haitian Dodgeball Federation
Pakistan Dodgeball Federation

We are grateful for the continued support of all member federations, and the work they do in developing the sport around the world!


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