Dodgeball is a new sport in Haiti. The Haitian Dodgeball Federation was founded late last year with the goal of bringing an affordable, accessible and inclusive sport to their youth. The mission of the HDBF is to develop and promote the sport of dodgeball, beginning with grassroots development among youth, where sport is a way to provide hope and health among a population that has experienced many difficulties over the years. At the 2017 World Dodgeball Federation Summit, the WDBF voted unanimously to recognize the Haitian Dodgeball Federation (HDBF) as an affiliate member.

The WDBF is helping the Haitian Dodgeball Federation in raising funds for a youth tournament that will serve as a launch point in developing their school program. We ask that you consider $5 or $10 (or more!) towards building a program in a part of the world that needs some assistance. Your donation goes to the federation and it’s kids, minus the bit GoFundMe takes in administration. It makes a very real and measurable difference in the lives of these kids. The HDBF is organized, committed and prepared to deliver on their program. Donate, share, discuss this campaign to help support our colleagues!

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As an initial venture, the HDBF is organizing a tournament between schools in the town of Delmas and Tabarre. This tournament will serve as launch of the dodgeball in the country.

The tournament will be free of charge to participants so as to encourage interest and to provide opportunities to those who cannot afford it. While the WDBF has pledged some resources to the organization, the HDBF is looking for additional support in hosting this event, including providing equipment and transportation for the players of each team.

In order to create awareness and visibility for the program, the HDBF is inviting the local media to film and broadcast the event. This tournament will not only server the development of the sport but will bring more attention to the students of Delmas and Tabarre and will create further opportunities for support.

The WDBF is proud to support Haiti in its effort to develop dodgeball in the country. Despite limited resources available, the HDBF has demonstrated its commitment to training, with a focus on youth and community.


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