Dodgeball organizations from all over the world are joining together to bring Dodgeball to the next level through collaboration, cooperation and international matches. The main purpose of this organization is to for Dodgeball to be officially represented in the International community by acting as the International Federation (IF) for the sport. The World Dodgeball Federation, commonly known by the acronym WDBF , is the international governing body of association Dodgeball. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario Canada. WDBF is responsible for the organization of dodgeball’s major international tournaments, notably the Dodgeball World Championships.

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The need for a single body to oversee the game became apparent with the increasing popularity of international fixtures. The WDBF was officially formed and established on 20th May 2012 in California, USA and has remained active through seven annual World Dodgeball Championships.

The first World Championships was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hong Kong took the men’s gold, while a combined United States-Canada team won gold for the women. Since then, Canada has been the most successful men’s team, winning 3 gold, while the United States has taken 3 gold for the women. Malaysia is the reigning World Champions for both men and women.

At the 5th WDBF Summit, and in conjunction with the 2016 World Championships in Melbourne, Australia, the Members agreed to relocate the WDBF Headquarters to Edmonton, Canada and to abide by Canada Corporations Act governing the status of Not-For-Profit corporations.

Over the past 2 years, the WDBF has grown from 7 member federations to more than 50 in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

WDBF is an association established under the Laws of Canada. Its headquarters are in Edmonton, Alberta. WDBF’s supreme body is the WDBF board, an assembly made up of representatives from each affiliated member association. The Board assembles in ordinary session once every year and, additionally. Only the Board can pass changes to WDBF’s statutes. WDBF’s Board is the main decision-making body of the organization in the intervals of Congress.

WDBF’s worldwide organizational structure also consists of several other bodies, under authority of the Board. Among those bodies are the Finance Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, the Referees Committee, etc. Beside from its worldwide institutions there are three associations recognized by WDBF which oversee the game in the different continents and regions of the world. National associations, and not the continental confederations, are members of WDBF. The continental confederations are provided for in WDBF’s statutes, and membership of a confederation is a prerequisite to WDBF membership:

  • Africa Dodgeball Federation
  • Asia Pacific Dodgeball Federation
  • European Dodgeball Federation
  • Latin American Dodgeball
  • North American and Caribbean Dodgeball

The WDBF Board is the supreme legislative body of WDBF. At the assembly decisions are made relating to WDBF’s governing statutes and their method of implication and application. The board approves the annual report, and decides on the acceptance of new national associations and holds elections.